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동부ICT 사업소개


■ Software (ITS etc.) Development ,Manufacture, Provider
■ Hardware(ITS etc.) Development ,Manufacture, Provider
■ Traffic Signal Operation & Maintenance
■ Traffic Information Management System
■ Smart Tolling System
■ Bus Information System
■ Unmaned Enforcement System
■ IT Feasibility Study

  • Vehicle detection system (VDS)

    Vehicle detection system (VDS)

    Video - VDS

    A system that detects / analyzes moving vehicle images from video equipment VIDS installed on the road, and can share and utilize collected traffic information (traffic volume, speed, occupancy rate, waiting length, etc.

    Radar – VDS

    Radar detectors are less influenced by weather conditions and can be detected by multiple cars. Traffic, speed, occupancy, vehicle type, individual vehicle speed can be measured.

    Laser – VDS

    The laser detector automatically recognizes the license plates of the vehicles that run on the road, then classifies the vehicle types and calculates the traffic conditions of the segments.

    LOOP - VDS

    The loop detector is used to judge the traffic condition of a section by information such as traffic volume, occupancy rate, speed, and waiting length of the vehicle traveling on the road

  • Traffic signal control

    Traffic signal control

    State-of-the-art signal control systems control intersection groups with similar traffic flows to provide smooth flow in the main direction

    Automatically calculates the signal time in real time according to the traffic volume of the road, minimizes traffic congestion by controlling intersection signal lights in optimum condition, and monitors and controls in real time at the control center.
  • Speed Enforcement System

    Speed Enforcement System

    The violation vehicle is detected by the laser detector and the picture is taken by the ANPR camera. The system detects the violation of the running speed by connecting two individual devices.

    Detection of vehicles that are not signaling when the vehicle signal is red and vehicles that are not operating in the designated lane. (Loop detector, CCTV, ANPR camera)
  • Bus Information System

    Bus Information System

    The Bus Information System (BIS) collects and processes bus operation information in real time and provides it to citizens through Internet or bus stop system.
  • Highway management system

    Highway management system

    Efficient management of road infrastructure by collecting real-time traffic information and processing information on highways using VDS, AV, and CCTV Toll collection system collects the fare of expressway vehicles through RSE and wireless communication
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