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동부ICT 인삿말

DONGBU ICT makes tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting DONGBU ICT. What is visible is the advanced technology, the feeling is the future.

DONGBU ICT promises change and growth and delivers new value to customers and markets. Become a representative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) company. Our company is realizes Smart SOC with Total Solution.

As a specialized company in transportation, Our company that directly produces and sells smart tolling system, signal controller, self-driving car control system and detector. We are developing ITS technology with Total Solution ranging from domestic and overseas academic activities, consultation of transportation system, role of cooperation window, establishment of ITS site and supporting whole business, as well as design support for smart city and intelligent transportation field. We build a pleasant and safe traffic environment We are doing our best to make the world more convenient.

Every change is for the customer. Our company is provides the best value based on trust.

The change that makes our lives richer and more beautiful, “DONGBU ICT" begins first.

keep an eye on the challenge with love and interest. Thank you.

COMPANY NAME DONGBU ICT Corporate Registration No. 240-88-00057 CEO Jung, Jinuk
Address F214, 66, Beolmal-Ro, Dongan-Gu, Anyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do Phone +82-31-424-0788 E-mail Fax +82-31-424-0786

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